How Waterproofing Helps with Your Home’s Climate Control

Oct 24, 2022 | Climate Control, Waterproofing

In the past, when most people thought about making the interior of their homes more comfortable, they were mainly looking at it in terms of heating and cooling. However, there’s more to keeping the atmosphere in a house comfortable beyond the right temperatures. This is why many homeowners are now focused on overall climate control.

Unlike air conditioning, climate control not only keeps the temperature within a certain range, but it also regulates the humidity levels in your home. Waterproofing is one of the factors that are essential to climate control. How does having a waterproof basement help to keep your house more comfortable?


Water Means High Humidity Levels

Too little humidity in the air is a problem, but too much humidity will also cause its own set of problems. When you have a lot of water in your basement, some of this water will evaporate and saturate the air. Once the moisture is in the air, it can find its way into other parts of your home, affecting the humidity levels there. This, therefore, raises the question of why you’d not want high humidity levels in your home.

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Humidity Has an Effect on Temperature

There are many reasons why very high humidity levels are bad for your house, including the fact that it can lead to the growth of mold and can cause wood to rot. However, from a climate control point of view, humidity also has an effect on the perceived temperature.

Have you ever felt uncomfortably hot in a room yet the thermostat has been set at a fairly comfortable temperature? There’s a good chance that the humidity levels in the room had something to do with your discomfort.

When humidity levels are high, our bodies will perceive the temperature to be higher than it actually is and vice versa. Therefore, you may find yourself messing with the thermostat whenever the humidity levels change.

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The Relationship Between Humidity and Waterproofing

Humidity inside your house could be the result of many things, but having water in your basement is something you should factor in. The water in your basement can enter the air and rise to other areas of your house, raising humidity levels as a result. But if your basement has been properly waterproofed, there won’t be water there to evaporate in the first place.

This is just one more reason to make sure your basement is thoroughly waterproofed. An investment in good waterproofing can help your home in many ways, comfort and climate control included!