How To Save Money on Your Energy Bills  

Sep 26, 2022 | Insulation, Uncategorized

Are you struggling to make ends meet because of the recent sharp rise in energy costs? There is not much you can do to control gas and electricity prices. Nor can you influence supply and demand on the global wholesale market. However, you can take measures at home to save money on utilities wherever possible. Here are 10 suggestions for saving money on your energy bills:


Wear Layers and Turn the Heating Off When Possible

When you bundle up in warm clothes, you do not need to put the heat on unless the temperature in your house drops below 64 degrees Fahrenheit. If you are a young adult and you do not live with anyone vulnerable, you may even be able to tolerate cooler temperatures without needing to heat your home. Always avoid putting the heat on at all unless it is necessary. Remember that you do not need to keep the heat on all of the time. You can turn it off intermittently to save money, or just set the thermostat very low.


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Turn Off Appliances, Ceiling Fans and Lights

When you leave appliances switched on without using them, they consume electricity unnecessarily. The same thing happens when you leave lights and ceiling fans on in empty rooms. Wasting electricity increases your carbon footprint and costs money that you might not be able to afford to lose. You would not throw your cash in the trash. Yet wasting electricity amounts to the same thing. Be aware of the cost of electricity at all times. If you are not using an appliance, turn it off. If nobody is using a room, do not leave the light or fan running.


Insulate Your Home

If your home is not sufficiently insulated, your heating bills will be higher than they should be. Insulation stops the heat from escaping from your home to keep it warmer during the winter months and prevents heat energy from infiltrating in the summer. If your home needs new insulation, it’s worth investing in it. The insulation will pay for itself eventually due to the money you will save on heating bills. Having good insulation also means you burn less energy and helps you do your bit to protect the environment.



Get Smart Meters

Using a smart meter has many advantages. For instance, nobody needs to come and read your meter if you have one installed. Furthermore, having a smart meter allows you to see exactly how much energy you are using and make appropriate changes. To monitor your energy usage for any given day, you will need to use the digital ‘in-home’ display on your smart meter.


Purchase a Boiler with Great Energy Efficiency

Not all boilers are created equal. Old boilers with low pressure require more fuel to generate sufficient heat. Boilers with higher energy efficiency will save you hundreds of dollars on your energy bill. Look for an A-rated boiler with an efficiency of at least 92 percent. You should also check regularly that your entire heating system is running efficiently. Use the same energy-saving strategies with other types of heating, including combustion furnaces and heat pumps.



Make Sure Your Appliances Are Energy Efficient

New appliances tend to have a higher energy efficiency than older, cheaper ones. Whenever you need to shop for new appliances, try to ensure they have higher energy efficiency. While energy-efficient appliances tend to cost more initially, they will eventually save you money because they are cheaper to run.


Get a Smart Thermostat

A smart, programmable thermostat will save you money on your energy bills by keeping the temperature in your house as low as possible for as long as it can in winter, and adapting programmed temperature changes to your daily schedule. In summer, it will keep the temperature as high as possible for as long as it can before the air conditioner switches on. A smart thermostat will save you money on heating and cooling your home.



Close Your Doors and Windows

Your windows need to be open sometimes to let fresh air inside and reduce air pollution in your home. However, if you leave doors and windows open all of the time, it is hard to regulate the temperature in the house. In winter, heat will escape when doors and windows are left open. In summer, warm air will enter. Thus, it will be harder to cool your home. Keep windows and doors closed more often to save money on your energy bills. You do not need to heat or cool your entire neighborhood.


Shop Around

When you shop around, you can find out which energy company offers the best deals and the lowest prices. If you do not have time to peruse the internet comparing and contrasting the prices of various energy companies, you do not have to do so. Some websites specialize in price comparisons. If you use one of these websites, you will quickly find out which energy company offers the best deals.



Run Your Appliances at the Cheapest Time

If you use appliances such as your washing machine during off-peak hours, you will spend less on your energy bills. Off-peak hours tend to be late at night or on weekends. If you are unsure what the off-peak hours are in your area, check online. Using appliances during off-peak hours will save you up to fifty percent on your energy bills.


More Cash in Your Pocket

Unless you are wealthy, doing what you can to spend less on your utility bills is vital. Being mindful of how much energy you use might prevent you and your family from suffering financial hardship and struggling to make ends meet. Being careful with how much energy you use will also help you to do your bit to protect the fragile environment. Now is the right time to do what you can to reduce the amount of energy you use at home each day.